Project Ment | Ice-breaking game – weaving a net
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Ice-breaking game – weaving a net

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Ice-breaking game – weaving a net

Available languages: not applicable
Time needed: 15-30 minutes




The participants stand in a circle. The moderator/lecturer starts and throws a ball of wool to a participant directly addressed while holding the end of the thread in his or her hands. In throwing, he or she asks a question that is to be answered by the person who catches the ball of wool. In this session, no questions about the business idea are to be asked, but personal ones that help to get to know the other person better. E.g. How many siblings do you have? How many languages do you speak? For how long do you live in this country? What is your favourite leisure activity.


The person who answered the question will hold the thread as well and throw the ball of wool to another participant, asking another question. And so on.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

Use a rather thick type of wool.


The activity works well for groups between 8 and 16 participants.

How to use this tool

This activity should be carried out the first day the participants meet each other. It should be the first activity after the joint breakfast, even before the official program presentation.

Expected outcome

This activity activates participants and allows to get to know each other better on a personal level in a rather short time.


The net woven  connects all participants and symbolizes mutual support and networking between the participants throughout the program.