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Migrant Entrepreneurs
team-up with mentors

Discover what are the main projects takeaways

MEnt is an innovative and dynamic incubation and mentoring programme ​which gives migrants and refugees the chance to be supported in the first steps of launching entrepreneurial projects

The project intends to facilitate and foster economic and social integration of migrants supporting them in the development of new business initiatives, via light incubation and mentorship programmes. The relationship with mentors is the core of the project, enabling the improvement of emerging business ideas through the interaction with experts in the given business sector and national context.

Call for entrepreneurs

Two calls for ideas and for people, with the object of attracting migrants aiming at developing a business or at joining a team of entrepreneurs

Short training session

A preparatory activity to facilitate interaction among migrants, provide inspiration and support early stage development of a business idea

Light incubation

Two cycles of two workshops providing know-how, suggestions on the business model, access to markets, resources and key partners

Matching with mentors

Two mentors’ evening per incubation cycle to present projects to a network of experts who will provide knowledge and guidance

Final pitching session

A final pitching sessions in front of mentors, potential investors and supporters to present the business ideas

Migrant incubation Toolkit

Migrant stories

Discover some motivational and inspiring stories of migrant entrepreneurship


MEnt Project’s participants tell us their stories and business ideas and talk about what they experienced during the incubation programme and what they got from it.


Supporters and mentors

MEnt project is implemented with the support of many local organizations and mentors that collaborate with the six partners of the project and contribute to the overall objectives of the initiative

There are 76.1 million migrants currently living in Europe, corresponding to 31.2% of world’s migrants

Sea arrivals to reach Europe in 2016

The most common nationalities of Mediterranean sea arrivals are Syrian, Afghanistan and Nigerian

First-time asylum applicants in the EU in 2016

51% of 2016 first-time asylum applicants in the European Union are from Syria

Refugees in European Union countries

Germany: 316.115

France: 273.126

Italy: 118.047

Employment rate of non-EU citizens in the EU-28

In 2015, the employment rate of migrant women was significantly lower than that of men