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Pitch Training

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Pitch Training

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Being able to describe a business idea in a concise and effective way is crucial for any entrepreneur. It is important for participating entrepreneurs to practice and perfect their pitch throughout the program. This allows them to narrow down their idea, make certain elements explicit and learn how to communicate about their idea. Therefore, several opportunities should be given to practice the pitch and get feedback from facilitators, mentors and other participants. The tool to allow entrepreneurs to draft their initiati pitch is the worksheet attached here.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

It is important for the facilitator to go through the worksheet step by step and clarify how the participants can use it to phrase their business idea in the form a short pitch. Essentially, the worksheet will allow participants to  simply “fill in the blanks” and have a very concrete phrasing of their business idea once it is filled in. It is important for the facilitator to ask the participants if they need support because the process of filling in the the pre-defined sheet might be frustrating for some participants if they feel like their idea cannot be perfectly filled into the template.

How to use this tool

In the worksheet used for this tool, participants are asked to highlight the essence of their idea and what sets it apart from other ideas. This tool should be used in a session held at the beginning of the program, for participants to be able to draw on this template, enhance the description of their business idea and use it as a basis for an exciting pitch. It is also important for participants to share the outcome with their peers and accept recommendations and critique in terms of how they defined their business idea within the template.

Expected outcome

This sessions helps participants to understand all the aspects that characterize their business idea and express these clearly. Participants will be able to tweak this definition if need be but can generally rely on the phrasing of the template to be a clear and understandable description of their business idea that they can mold into a catchy pitch.