Project Ment | Follow up with Mentors
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Follow up with Mentors

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Follow up with Mentors

Available languages: FR/EN
Time needed: During sessions




This is a shared document in which program organizers and mentors can document their notes from meetings with participants which include topics that were discussed, ideas that emerged, objectives and next steps, difficulties experienced. The notes are followed up with a call sometimes, in which organizers can get a better understanding of the mentors reasoning and communication with the participant.

This tool ensures a good relationship, clarifies expectation, role and engagement of everyone as well as ensures that everyone has the same information.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

There is no specific requirement for this tool. The program organizers must have explained how to use the tool to mentors and participants.

How to use this tool

This tool should be implemented throughout the program, from the initial meetings of mentors and participants to the final stages. The action plan can be part of the document for instance.

Expected outcome

Mentors, participants and the program organizers can easily find the notes of all meetings, what have been discussed and the objectives of the following meeting. It might become the roadmap for the participants.