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Marketing Branding

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Marketing and Branding

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It is a key component of an business to have developed a solid brand and marketing strategy. This sessions should offer participants the understanding of the clear distinction between the two. It should essentially allow participants to think about brands that they know and reflect on why they are so recognizable and prominent, as well as think about their marketing tools and approaches through which people know about them. The session then focuses on how both a brand and a marketing strategy are developed and what key elements need to be decided upon at which stage of development of the business.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

It is important for this session to be rather interactive so that participants grasp the key concepts and what is required of them in developing both a brand and a marketing approach for their business. It is key for participants to be able to reflect on what defines their business, what sets it apart from others and be give tools to analyse this – both within the group setting but also independently.

How to use this tool

The slides serving to accompany this session should highlight some of the brand identities and marketing tools that existing companies use. They should also demonstrate visual examples of successful and unsuccessful elements as well as explain all the different components that feed into a brand such as logos, color schemes etc.. Last but not least, the slides should show exercises that participants can replicate at home to fill in their own analysis of their brand such as the key words they want to associate with their brand, for example.

Expected outcome

The outcomes of this session are that participants have a clear understanding of what a brand and marketing are, how they are different and both essential to the establishment of their business idea. Furthermore, they should have been able to brainstorm a little about successful branding and marketing and identified potential avenues for their own brand and marketing development.