Project Ment | Digital Communities
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Digital Communities

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Digital Communities

Available languages: ENG/ITA
Time needed: 4 hours




After the identification of the target, the teams will be guided to understand how to discover the main social and digital channels each target segment use. So, they should be able to understand which online communities are the most active and start to engage and communicate with them to receive tips and useful information to better understand their behaviour, habits and the tone of voice they use. This could be useful to identify the early adopter or evangelist of the product/service and also to start a validation process of the business idea.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

It is very important to be familiar with the most used social instrument such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram and others. It’s also useful to keep always in mind that analysis of the online communities can give important tips for structuring also offline validation activities.

How to use this tool

Following the slides provided, the team will be pushed also to create a database collects pages and above all groups of persons who are interested in topics related to our product/service. In this collections it is important to make specific cluster and order pages, groups, blogs, hashtag and all the information collected in a dynamic and systematic way all the datas. A focus and further study of google AdWords with the free online course provided by google (like this one) could boost the research and improve your knowledge of how your business is perceived online and how to promote it.

Expected outcome

Digital communities analysis for the main social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). At the end of this session the teams should have a clear overview and written map of which channels and activities their customer and/or user go to find information about the product/service they product/deliver. They should also have identified they right communication channels to interact with them and found which one could be the best to promote their product/service engaging the people that could be the early adopter of their business. The online research should have been also useful to found important insight about their needs and how they beahive online and also offline.