Project Ment | Key functions, roles and responsibilities
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Key functions, roles and responsibilities

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Key functions, roles and responsibilities

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This session should be one that allows participants to really delve deeply into their own capacities and those that they would require in a team of staff or co-founders when it comes to successfully setting up and running their intended business. This implies an overall assessment of what roles and responsibilities that are required in the running of the business and a subsequent analysis of which of these they possess themselves and which would be complemented by others.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

A requirement for this session is for participants to have a clear idea of what responsibilities they would require within themselves or their team in order to establish their business and at what stage of the business development.  This might need to be delved into in a group discussion where other participants can make suggestions and ask questions about why or for what a certain skill would be needed. Peer to peer exchange can also allow participants to highlight the skills and competencies that they see in fellow participants that they may not see in themselves and therefore offer a space for reflection and encouragement for all participants. This would then allow participants to allocate their skills to certain responsibilities and roles within the setting up of the business.

How to use this tool

The worksheets would be distributed to all participants, who would be asked to reflect for a few moments and subsequently fill in their own and required skills as well as related responsibilities. The session for peer exchange and encouragement should be given enough time as participants may come to new realizations that are concerning or encouraging to them.

Expected outcome

Expected outcomes for this session are that participants are aware of the competencies needed for the establishment of their business, come to realize which of these they already possess and what others might be held by someone else that could support or work for them. This then allows participants to plan concrete steps about who to contact and involve in their project in the future and would give them more tangible understanding of who could take on the next steps and how. It can also be a very encouraging and reaffirming in terms of the self reflection participants do as part of this session.