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Value Proposition

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Value Proposition

Available languages: ENG, ITA
Time needed: 3-4 hours




The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that allows the participants to design the (added) value that the solutions of the business idea, in terms of products or services, will create for its customers. It represents the intersection point(s) of what the customers need with what the business idea offers to match and to respond those needs.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

In order to make the best out of this tool, the participant must have carried out researches and tests regarding the needs and the insights of all the customer segments that the business idea is addressed to. Only in this way the participant will design and project the solutions of the business idea that will based on those needs and that will make the customers want and buy these solutions.

How to use this tool

The Value Proposition Canvas has two main parts, The Circle and The Square, and has a logic of compilation.


  1. The Circle: It’s the part of the canvas that is dedicated to the customer segments. This part resumes 3 elements:
    1. Customer Jobs. These are the aims and the expectations that a customer really wants to achieve.
    2. Pains. These are the difficulties, risks, setbacks that a customer can face during the achievement of the customer jobs.
    3. Gains. These are the advantages, benefits that the customer is seeking for during the achievement of the customer jobs.


The participant must first of all fill in the circle with the pains, the gains and the customer jobs for all the customer segments of the business idea. Only after that the participant can begin to design and project the value that he/she wants to propose to the different customer segments in order the meet those needs and expectations in an efficient way.


  1. The Square: It’s the part dedicated to the value proposition. This part helps the participant to think about the different value propositions that he/she can design according to the needs resumed in the circle part for each customer segment. Also this part is consisted of 3 elements:
    1. Products/Services: These are the solutions that the participant will design in order to meet the customer jobs.
    2. Pain Relievers: These are the ways in which these products/services wipe out the difficulties.
    3. Gain Creators: These are the ways in which these products/services create added value and advantages.

Expected outcome

The outcome of the first Value Proposition Canvas will be a basic design of the business idea that will allow and help the participant to continue to develop further on in a more detailed and operative way the solutions, in terms of products and/or services.