Project Ment | Introduction to the Program
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Introduction to the Program


Introduction to the Program

Available languages: EN, DE, FR, AR (for STS)
Time needed: 10 min




The introduction to the program  is suppose to provide the audience with both a brief overview of the project or program which implements the incubation training as well as an idea of the timeline of the events: which are the different phases and how many teams are to participate in each phase; at which dates are the face-to-face meetings and how many days do they last.


Furthermore, the introduction covers the agenda of the specific event in more detail (topics to be tackled, type of learning tools used etc.).

Requirements to make the best out of the material

How to use this tool

The introduction is given at the beginning of each face-to-face event and updates participants on the current phase as well as informing them about the agenda of the specific event so they know what to expect. .

Expected outcome

This sessions helps participants to understand all the aspects that characterize their business idea and express these clearly.