Project Ment | Joint Breakfast
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Joint Breakfast

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Joint Breakfast

Available languages: EN
Time needed: app. 15-20 min




The joint breakfast is a kind of ice-breaking activity, allowing  participants and lecturers to engage into small-talk and get to know each other in an informal way prior to the official start of the workshop.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

Using a buffet breakfast in the meeting room or close to the room could help reducing the costs of the programme, as the availability of bread, spreads, fruits and vegetables, biscuits, yogurt  etc. could feed participants throughout the day and is less expensive than inviting them for lunch als well. It also takes into account that migrant would-be entrepreneurs usually do not have sufficient financial means for eating out several days in a row.


If eating habits from participants’ original cultures are taken into account, this may help them to feel welcome and comfortable (e.g. Hummus, cucumbers, pita bread etc. if people from the Middle East participate in the programme).


When communicating with the participants prior to  the event(s), it should be clearly stated what they can expect, including if food and drinks are covered.


If the date(s) of an event coincides with religious events (such as Ramadan), the organisers should check with participants prior to the event about their needs (e.g. less food, shorten/postpone training sessions etc.).

How to use this tool

This session should be held at the very beginning of the programme, as a start for the first event. It could also be used as a regular start into the day for each workshop day during the programme.

Expected outcome

Participants felt welcome and comfortable as well as respected.


As would-be migrant entrepreneurs are usually not very affluent, a breakfast buffet allows them to save money for eating out. At the same time, it lessens the costs for implementing the programme.