Project Ment | Inspiring Talk by an Entrepreneur
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Inspiring Talk by an Entrepreneur

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Inspiring Talk by an Entrepreneur

Available languages: n.a.
Time needed: appr. 30-45  min




A successful migrant entrepreneur talks about his/her experiences in setting up and maintaining a business. The speaker addresses his/her own background and journey as a migrants, the path to becoming an entrepreneur, the inspiration along the way as well as challenges, failures, necessary personal soft skills and provides practical tips and advice for the participants.


The inspiring talk should be presented in an  informal storytelling format (maybe accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, if the speaker wishes) and should include the opportunity to ask questions  and get engaged with the speaker.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

An inspiring talk should be included at least in the first face-to-face event, preferably in each of the events. Once the business sectors are known in which the participants of the program want to set up their company, organisers should try to find migrant entrepreneurs from these sectors to deliver inspiring talks in order to stimulate the interests and active involvement of the participants in the session.


Organisers should make sure that the speaker is able to use the language in which he or she is supposed to present (usually host country language or English) his or her experiences with confidence. The speaker should receive a briefing, indicating what is expected of him/her, e.g. inform the person that it is important to talk about challenges, failures, drawbacks, doubts etc. It is not only about a final success but what it needs to be successful in the end.

How to use this tool

An inspiring talk  can be part of every face-to-face event, inviting speakers from different fields in order to cover business sectors that are relevant for the participants.


Plan sufficient time for questions and discussions.


Having this session after the lunch break helps to overcome the usual exhaustion and tiredness at the beginning of the afternoon session.

Expected outcome

A good inspiring talk motivates participants to overcome difficulties and deadlocks on the development of their own business.  The speaker might even become mentor for one or more of the participants working in the same business sector.