Project Ment | Lewis Model – Dimensions of behaviour
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Lewis Model – Dimensions of behaviour


Lewis Model  Dimensions of behaviour

Available languages: EN
Time needed: 20-30 min




When requested or advisable, presenters could dig deeper into aspects of entrepreneurial soft skills, talents and needs or cultural diversity by presenting the Lewis Model – Dimensions of behaviour. There are many websites explaining the model, which could be used as information source and/or handouts.

Presenting the triangle model, giving examples and reflecting on personal experiences of participants and presenters can help to become aware of the cultural background of individuals’ behaviour.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

This additional input is best given in connection with the topics regarding personas, targets and needs, ethnography or talents and needs.

How to use this tool

Prepare some catching examples to illustrate the three main traits (linear-active, multi-active, reactive) and link them to the experiences of the participants. Provide a colour-handout for reference.


Short case studies could be prepared on cards which would then be placed on a large drawing or print out of the Lewis Model triangle on a flip-chart or pin board.

Expected outcome

This sessions helps participants to understand their cultural background and how their cultural driven way of doing business might be received by people in their host country. They will realise that their customers/clients might have different cultural backgrounds and how this could affect the interaction with them.