Project Ment | Identity, Vision and Mission
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Identity, Vision and Mission

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Identity, Vision and Mission

Available languages: EN, IT, DE
Time needed: 2-3 hours




This session is held with the corresponding slide deck and allows participants to get a clear overview of their business ideas and how it should work. It focuses not only on the service or product but also takes into account other important components that will be developed later on in the programme. It is important to understand the development stage of the ideas and which is the real change e goals that the overall project would like to achieve. The tool that will be used (Identity Card) give also some basic information about the knowledge of the target and their needs, the team and the story behind the product/service idea and which is the idea of change.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

It is important to clearly explain and introduce all the different section of the tool (Identity Card) especially the difference between Mission and Vision using examples (see the slides attached using Download the tool button). When it comes to work on these two elements in a team it is very important that there’s a strong allingament of ideas.

How to use this tool

The tool should be presented to all the teams describing and explaining what is expected to be written in every single section. The parts that require to pay more attention are the one of Mission and Vision. Each team can choose how to complete it, from with section start and which to finish with. There is no order to follow in fillining in the different sections. It is important that each team dedicate at least 20 minutes to fill the Identity Card. The presentation of the results to all the other groups could also a useful moment of engagement to know each other and as a kind of ice-breaking section.

Expected outcome

This session helps participants to start thinking and analyzing all the aspects that characterize their business idea and how to express these in a understandable way. Each team at the end of this session should have better understood how to present the business idea. They will learn how to describe easily and briefly its functioning, why it can be considered innovative and which are they key targets. The exercise also helps the teams in thinking and creating an idea of what their business will be in a long term run period and the changes that they would like to realize in the future when the project will be operative.