Project Ment | Individual Action Plan
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Individual Action Plan

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Individual Action Plan

Available languages: FR/EN
Time needed: 2 hours




This activity entails the creation of a very simple table that shows the objectives to achieve per month and the final goal at the end of the incubation program according to the maturity of the project and resources of the participant.

This activity allows the participants to split their work effectively within a timeframe and have a global vision of what to achieve. This offers them more transparency about expectations and what to achieve. It also allows participants to visualize clear actions and next steps to take throughout the program.

Requirements to make the best out of the material

There is no specific requirement to create an action plan. The facilitators must have a great understanding of the business ideas and the priorities, to guide and challenge entrepereneurs about what they want to achieve, being realistic.

How to use this tool

It’s best to do it at the end of the short training session (first workshop), as the entrepreneurs must have a better understanding of the journey ahead of them. The action plan can become the follow-up documents for the program organizers and mentors to keep track on participants’ steps. Even if an action plan presents guidelines for the entrepreneurship journey, it has to remain flexible to take into account unforeseen events.

Expected outcome

The participants will have a clear table of objectives to achieve month by month (or week by week if needed). The table contents very operational actions (product or service conception, field research, prospection, communication, etc.) but also tasks that enable the previous actions (looking for financements, hiring team members, call for volunteers, partnerships, etc.). This action plan may help them not to disperse in their actions and focus on priorities.