Project Ment | Ye Wang: founder of a travel agency
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Ye Wang: founder of a travel agency


Entrepreneur in Milano, Italy

Coming from
Zhejiang, China

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Ye founded a travel agency which provides services for people travelling between Italy and China.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Ye advises to future migrant entrepreneurs to reflect very carefully before deciding to enter a business partnership with other people. It is important to define roles and responsibilities to prevent profits on migrants ignorance, communication difficulties and lack of preparation.

Her migrant journey

Her support network map
In the settlement, she had some communications problems and she found help in her teachers at middle and high school who provided support in learning how to speak Italian. She was also supported psychologically and financially by her family.
In developing her business idea, she was helped by her family who gave financial support to start her travel agency.

Her entrepreneur journey