Project Ment | Özlem Taskin Önen: founder of a multi-disciplinary atelier
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Özlem Taskin Önen: founder of a multi-disciplinary atelier

She is an entrepreneur based in Vienna – Austria

Where are you from?

Could you describe your entrepreneurial idea in a sentence?
Together with other artists, I founded a multi-disciplinaryatelier/studio, where workshops on ceramics, arts and design are offered. In addition, independent artists can use the location, called commonroom for exhibitions or their own work.

What would you advice to future migrant entrepreneurs?
If you are privileged in life, you are lucky. But you should also strive to increase the possibilities. Diversity is the key to creating possibilities. Never give up believing in yourself.

Could you describe your migrant journey?

Could you describe your support network map?
In the settlement, I found support in a network of Turkish students and friends who facilitated my integration in Vienna and in Deutschakademie where I took language courses to learn German.
In developing my business, I was helped by the WKO (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) which recommended trying to start the business as an association first since I was not very experienced. I was also supported by friends who helped me applying to different architectural offices until I found one that suited my career and helped with a working permit. 

Could you describe your entrepreneur journey?