Project Ment | MEnt Project in Italy: the second incubation cycle
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MEnt Project in Italy: the second incubation cycle

Yesterday, Avanzi and Make a Cube3 hosted the Mentors’ evening of the second cycle of MEnt Project in Italy.

The mentoring and incubation programme kicked off in January with the Short Training Session, a two-day workshop with the 15 entrepreneurial ideas which had been selected via call. The Short Training Session provided first support to migrants for the refinement of their business ideas through both collective and one-to-one tutoring sessions.

10 business ideas were then selected to take part into the Light Incubation phase which consisted of two workshops aimed at developing a solid business model, providing inspiration in terms of content, process, approaches and attitude and expanding the network of allied partners and people. The Light Incubation ended yesterday night with the Mentors’ evening: the teams pitched in front of an audience of mentors, tutors and experts who offered their support and gave insight and advice to the future migrant entrepreneurs about their business ideas.


The 10 business ideas who joined the second cycle of MEnt Project in Italy are the following:

HouseID is a web platform that collects offers of vintage design furniture of the shops in Rome. >>

Azytoys designs, produces and sells games that facilitate the emotional bond of children with the Persio-Arabic alphabet.

3BMagazine project
3BMagazine project is an event, business, culture, fashion and lifestyle magazine for migrants living in Bologna and its surroundings.

World Wide Docx
World Wide Docx offers services to support migrants from Senegal living in Italy in bureaucratic practices and procedures.

Bee my Job
Bee my Job produces honey, fruit and vegetables including migrant and refugees in the production activities. >>

Corner Med
CornerMed helps and assists patients living in Cameron wishing to be medically treated in Italy.

Nino Capone
Nino Capone designs and produces clothes mixing bantu textiles with the elegant fashion style of Milan.

A.S.A Comunicazione & Markerting
Communications and marketing agency offering support in communications management both online and offline to afro-oriented companies.

Kemet Club
Kemet Club aims at discouraging cultural stereotypes involving African artists, philosophers and writers living in Italy in the organization of events dedicated to African culture, such as book presentations, seminars, literary events, art installations and fashion runways.

Future You Now
FUN is a service aiming at helping high school students getting in touch with innovative companies in order to discover emerging job opportunities and finding their working path, inspired by real experiences.