Project Ment | Maher Ismaail: founder of Dalili
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Maher Ismaail: founder of Dalili


Entrepreneur in Berlin – Germany

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Dalili – Services Search Engine for Initiatives and Organizations which provide services for newcomers in Berlin

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
A lot of great people who make a difference in this world today were once migrants so start thinking about your situation as a gift and unleash your abilities.

His migrant journey

His support network map
In the settlement, he was supported by a German family and he is currently staying at their place in Berlin. He was also helped by Spiegel TV to find a flat in Dortmund while they were filming a documentary about his journey in Germany.
His business experience in Germany journey started in May 2016 when he participated in a Hackathon in Berlin. He then entered the Tech Community by making good relationships with people from RediSchool, Techfugees and others. He took part in a Bootcamp organised by Jusoor and Kiron Open HIgher Education who supported him with workshops and Mentors.

His entrepreneur journey