Project Ment | Leen Almasri: founder of a travel agency
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Leen Almasri: founder of a travel agency

Entrepreneur in France

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Leen is developing a tourism agency that offers tours focused on architectural styles, while immersing the visitor in the history of the place through virtual reality.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
“When you start a project in France, don’t stay isolated, go out there to meet a maximum of people – having a good network is essential in France !“

Her migrant journey

Her support network map

In the settlement, Leen met a lot of people and made friends in Lyon thanks to AVF association. In Grenoble she participated in networking workshops with the Working Women Network Grenoble. The center of accommodation for asylum seekers (CADA) helped her fill out the documents to apply for asylum.

In developing her project, Leen received sought support with Active Créa and Pôle Emploi who provided trainings and shared information about the tourism business with her. A collaborator of Dassault System also introduced to what she would technically need for her virtual reality project. AirBnb Experience allowed her to start giving tours around Paris.

Her entrepreneur journey