Project Ment | Husam El Msalm: owner of a construction enterprise
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Husam El Msalm: owner of a construction enterprise

Entrepreneur in Milan – Italy

Coming from
Daraa, Syria

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Husam has a small subcontractor enterprise in the construction sector.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Husam advices future migrant entrepreneurs to always be sure that everything is safe and to not neglect anything.

His migrant journey

His support network map

In the settlement, he found support in friends who helped him find a job, in an Italian artisan (his former boss) who helped him reinforce the relations with Italian suppliers and customers and in a non-profit organization that helped Husam’s wife and children obtain a legal resindency permit.

Before creating his own enterprise, Husam picked up most of his former boss’s customers and construction contracts. In developing his business, he was supported by the bank that suggested to guard a saving component every month so that after 10 years Husam could face the economic crisis with enough capitals.

His entrepreneur journey