Project Ment | Bashkim Sejdiu: integration app creator
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Bashkim Sejdiu: integration app creator


Entrepreneur in Varese – Italy

Coming from
Preshevè, Kosovo

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Bashkim provides help to other migrants with bureaucratic and integration problems

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Bashkim advises to future migrant entrepreneurs not to give up, despite the difficulties. They must be patient, believe in their projects and do not think that their ideas will have immediate success and change the world. Thanks to his experience of bureaucratic mechanisms of the Italian system, his advice is also to be careful of accountant and people in general who sometimes try to make profit on migrants’ ignorance, lack of preparation and, in some cases, fear to make mistakes

His migrant journey

His support network map
In the settlement, he had some bureaucratic and integration problems. He was supported by the owner of the company for which Bashkim’s father worked who helped him in finding accommodation.
In developing his business idea, he was supported by other migrants who helped him start his first activity, a cooperative; an Italian friend who gave him financial support and sorted out bureaucratic issues for Bashkim’s second activity, a small phone centre; an external consultant and developer who gave advice to develop his last entrepreneurial project, an app for migrants; different collaborators who provided technical and practical support in the development of the app (per iOS e per Android).

His entrepreneur journey