Project Ment | Bachir Diallo Cherif: entrepreneur in the green energy industry
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Bachir Diallo Cherif: entrepreneur in the green energy industry

He is an entrepreneur based in Paris – France

Where are you from?

Could you describe your entrepreneurial idea in a sentence?
Local Green Energy transforms organic waste into energy, gas and fertilizer, by collecting waste in specific points and putting it in local methanisorsto sensibiliseas many people as possible and offer them easy-to-use solutions.

What would you advice to future migrant entrepreneurs?
You must be fully engaged in the project and live it completely to be able to deeply understand trends, needs and constraints.

Could you describe your migrant journey?

Could you describe your support network map?
I was supported by Konexio in learning digital skills and I attended mentorship programs and workshops managed by Makesense, Colombus consulting and The Human Safety Net.

Could you describe your entrepreneur journey?