Project Ment | Asetila Köstinger: founder of KulturenReich
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Asetila Köstinger: founder of KulturenReich

She is an entrepreneur based in Vienna – Austria

Where are you from?

Could you describe your entrepreneurial idea in a sentence?
KulturenReich is a social enterprise that links foreign-born women in Vienna with the Viennese business community and government. We act as a catalyst in the integration process, also helping to give Viennese businesses a competitive edge with the injection of new ideas and perspectives.

What would you advice to future migrant entrepreneurs?
Take action, and don’t be afraid to fail!
Still prepare yourself and focus on your customer not on your product. There are two possibilities:

  • your will be successful and that’s awesome
  • the business ideas is not successful BUT you learned a lot from it. Your next one will be better!


Could you describe your migrant journey?

Could you describe your support network map?
I attended the Faculty of Matematics and Economics at the University of Vienna, where I was offered a Masters in Science which was taught in English. There I leant German and finished my studies in English.
In developing my business idea, I found support in the Chamber of Commerce WKO which gave me a 50% grant to get my certification as Accredited Export Consultant.

Could you describe your entrepreneur journey?