Project Ment | Andra Neaga: founder of Younited Cultures
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Andra Neaga: founder of Younited Cultures

Entrepreneur in Vienna – Austria

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Younited cultures transforms individual successful stories of migrants into high quality scarves, with the goal of promoting a diverse picture of migration, where migrants constitute more than just the traditional working class. An attending designer captures the story in a motif, the  migrant person participates in the designing process and he/she chooses the colors and fabric for its story.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
To think first what possible best-case and worst-case scenarios might arise in the entreprenurship journey and only to go through with it if they are passionate about what they want to do. Also do not listen to too many experts at once – two experts and trusting your gut feeling is more efficient.

Her migrant journey

Her support network map
In the settlement, she found support and comfort in her boyfriend and her friends who spoke German with her so that she could practice the language.
In developing her business idea, she was helped by Impact Hub Vienna in terms of funding, knowledge and expertise since they offered her free of cost workshops on different subjects, taught by experts and entrepreneurs and gave her access to business networks and active support systems. As regards start-up capital, she was funded by WKO-Erstebank Microcredit, Social Impact Start Award and crowdfunding.

Her entrepreneur journey