Project Ment | Amir Sharifi: festival director
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Amir Sharifi: festival director

Entrepreneur in France

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Organize a festival of contemporary arts with the main subject being “identity”. The festival’s name is “Pièce d’Identité” (ID card). The objective is allow the reflection about identity in France, identity in arts.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Don’t be afraid to share and discuss. Don’t be afraid of critics, they are the ones helping you to define what it is that you want. Don’t be afraid to change your idea.

His migrant journey

His support network map

During his settlement, Amir was a student. He faced a lot administrative barriers to renew his visa to be able to stay in France. Finding accommodation was also a big challenge.

In developing his project Amir was supported by Singa’s incubator in Paris and by his own collective, TeamSpirit. Thanks to both organization, he was able to build a strong network and to create a collective and team spirit around his project.

His entrepreneur journey