Project Ment | Lif Subhi: tailor
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Lif Subhi: tailor


Entrepreneur in Vienna – Austria

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Mr. Subhi offers services as a tailor

A advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Mr. Subhi is reluctant to provide advice for future migrant entrepreneurs, as there is always the possibility of failure and he does not want to be blamed for giving wrong advice

His migrant journey

His support network map
In the settlement, he was supported by a fellow countryman. In fact, the main obstacle was finding initial housing and the rent an apartment together for a while.
In developing his business idea, he was supported by the superior of the person in charge to assess the application for a business licence. At first obtaining a business licence was rather diffucult, but finally they accepted the translation of a document issued in 1983 by the Turkish association of tailors stating that Mr. Subhi was a tailor as sufficient proof, while officially they requested the leaving certificate of a tailor apprenticeship, something that did not exist in Turkey back than.

His entrepreneur journey