Project Ment | Habib Ghulamshaki: owner of a coffee shop
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Habib Ghulamshaki: owner of a coffee shop

Entrepreneur in Vienna – Austria

Coming from

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Habib has a coffee shop in the heart of Vienna. He imports  47 varieties of raw coffee as well as tea and cacao and has the coffee roasted in his own manufacture in Lower Austria. In addition, for the last 7 years he has been offering barista courses.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
To live in a foreign country, it is important to learn the language and to adapt to the mentality and culture of the receiving society. Use your time, start learning from the first moment, do not waist your time by only waiting. Get enough experience before you start your own business. Start only if you can finance at least 70% from your own savings.

His migrant journey

His support network map

In the settlement, he was supported by a woman working for the NGO SOS Mitmensch, she invited him to live at her private home until it was decided where Habib could live in Vienna.

His entrepreneur journey