Project Ment | Francesco Wu: owner of a restaurant
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Francesco Wu: owner of a restaurant

Entrepreneur in Legnano – Italy

Coming from
Wenzhou, China

The entrepreneurial idea in a sentence
Francesco opened the restaurant “Al Borgo Antico” in Legnano, mixing the Chinese management experience and the Italian cuisine.

Advice for future migrant entrepreneurs
Francesco advises future migrant entrepreneurs to be always thankful to local communities who are hosting the business activity. Moreover, he suggests not to become discouraged: “There will certainly be someone who does not respect you, but also someone who will appreciate you”.

His migrant journey

His support network map

In the settlement, relatives and some members of the Chinese community in Milan helped Francesco’s father in finding an accomodation and a job in Italy.

As regards his business, some friends gave him logistic support in finding a restaurant to take over and the former owner gave him in-depth technical support in the cuisine organization. The bank supported him with loans. He also found support in local communities thanks to his collaborations with the local church, shops, trading organizations and public administrations.

His entrepreneur journey